In Memoriam. ​In October, 2005, one of the four of us died who was in so many ways the heart of our efforts at Freedom Matters. In memory of him, ex-farmer that he was, we carry on this work. Rest in peace that we do what we can, William (Bill) Hitzemann, our dear friend and colleague.
Freedom Matters, Inc. was co-founded in September of 2001 by two ex-farmers, an ex-hippy and an ex-college professor, who each believed deeply in the rights to freedom of each citizen of this wonderful nation, the United States of America, and believed especially in that most abused of our unalienable rights, our property rights.
A Newspaper In Support Of Freedom
​​F r e e d o m   M a t t e r s
The four of us each believed that people matter, and their hopes and dreams matter, and that—as our Founding Fathers set forth in the celebrated and now beleaguered Constitution of the United States of America—government should not debase its soul by violating or taking away the life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, or equity in the ownership of property, of any citizen of this egalitarian nation.