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Legal Challenges To Obamacare, "The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act"; December 30
Dishonesty In Our Courts: III. The Unconstitutional Claim Of Judicial Supremacy; December 29
Some Unconstitutional Excesses Of Obamacare; October 16
Dishonesty In Our Courts: I. The Doctrine Of Judicial Supremacy; December 14
Dishonesty In Our Courts: II. The Extremism Of Judicial Supremacy; December 27
Global Warming Alarmism, Part 3: Post-Normal Climate Science; August 11
Illegal Immigration And Our U.S. Constitution; September 22
Global Warming Alarmism, Update, July 2010, July 23
Global Warming Alarmism, Part 2; August 5
What Is The Ordinary Citizen To Think Regarding What America Has Come To Today? ​May 17
How Free Can We Be; February 22
Most U.S. Governments: Broke—And Broken; ​April 3
Why Did Democrats Pass An Unwanted Health Care Bill? April 14
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