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Kelo vs New London, Conn.: A Law That The American People Asked For. ​December 31
Town Control Of Its Land Use Map. ​November 3
Freedom Mattered To Them. (In Memoriam. Lyman Anderson And William Hitzemann). ​November 8
Towns And Town Plans Rule The Roost. ​December 7
Kelo vs New London, Conn.: The Canary In The Coal Mine. ​December 19
County Plans And Town Authority Over Them. ​October 17
On Population: Malthus Revised. ​October 12
2005 Assembly Bill 675. "... compensation for the reduction in the fair market value of private real property."
Proposal To Restore Property Rights In Wisconsin—AB675 By Rep. Albers. ​September 30
A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Dane County Comprehensive Plan Survey. ​August 22
Will State Planning Statutes And Town-County Due Process Prevail. ​September 14
U.S. Supreme Court Abandons Legitimacy: They Turn The Kelo vs New London Case Into Homeowners vs The Supreme Court. ​July 8
The Securing Of The Constitutional Protection Of Property Rights. ​July 29
The Consent Of The Governed. ​June 30
Repeal Of "Smart Growth" (i.e. Repeal Of Government Socialist Planning). ​May 30
A Move To Repeal "Smart Growth"—Your Editor's Opinion—. ​May 27
Life Is Not Fair Nor Can Law Make It So. ​April 11
Dane County Comprehensive Planning: Mob Power And Sophistry versus Law And Liberty. ​April 18
A Comprehensive Plan Is What? ​April 25
"Useful Idiots" Dane County Style. ​May 4
Freedom Under Attack On The Kickapoo. ​May 13
Falk's "Attain Dane": Part 4: Falk's Fallacies On Our Population Growth. ​March 8
Falk's "Attain Dane": Part 5: Will We Support Data Or Politics. ​March 11
Falk's "Attain Dane": Part 6: Whither "Attain Dane"? Will It Wither? ​March 14
Dane County's Leftist-Driven "Res. 70" Debasement of Comprehensive Planning. March 25
Falk's "Attain Dane": Part 3: Falk's Fallacies As A Land Use Planner. ​March 5
Falk's "Attain Dane": Part 2: Falk's Tricky Game—Planning As A Facade. ​March 4
Falk's "Attain Dane" Agenda: Getting people to steal other people's land in the name of government. March 1
A New Year, A New Dedication. Government Must Pay For Regulatory Takings. ​February 4
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