Our American Heritage — Freedom. A "Living Constitution" Is Killing It.  September 13
Will The Town Of Springdale Zone Land By A Land Division Ordinance?  September 20
Ugly To The Max. The 2002 Springdale Land Use Plan: A Political Time BombSeptember 27
— If It Walks Like A Duck — ​Here Is A Legal Test For What Constitutes Zoning & It Voids Springdale's Plan To Zone By Land Division. October 4
Decapitalizing America. Part I. How To Prevent Prosperity. October 11
When Ideologies Become Set Like Concrete, It Is People Who Suffer ... . August 2
Do Not Call — The Newest Multi-Million Dollar Tax.  August 9
Letter To Wisconsin State Journal On Termination Of The Dane County Regional Planning Commission.  August 16
The Legality ... Of Stopping Prosperity ... : Falk's Veto Of A Redi-Mix Cement Plant.  August 23
Hayek's Road To Serfdom. July 12
A Set Of Principles For America: Principles That Speak For Themselves. July 26
A Time For Truth. July 5
What's Fishy About Fish Lake? Your Politicians At Work. An Update. June 28
Commuter Rail In Dane County: The Dizzy Land Express. June 7
Commuter Rail In Dane County: The Dizzy Land Express. Empty Buses, Empty Trains, Empty Tills, Empty Pockets. Empty Heads. June 14
The Vast Problems Of Mass Transit Rail (Culled From The Internet). June 21
Is Springdale, Its Planning Commission And Its Town Board Creating Its Own Nightmare. March 8
The Last Town Hall In Springdale. March 15
The Springdale Land Grab Continues. March 22
Toward A Wilderness Utopia. March 29
Environmental Extremists Don't Represent Most Americans. April 5
Anti-Local Control Plan Nearly Here! April 12
The Return To Feudal Tenure. February 1
The Case Against County Exercise Of Zoning Powers Via Deed Restrictions. February 8
Land Use Planning: Trojan Horse For Socialism. January 25
Town Boards That Violate Law. January 18
The Curfew Tolls. What Troubles Will It Solve? What Troubles Will It Make. January 11
Fred Smith Letter to Mt. Horeb Mail on Town of Perry-David Gehl Lawsuits. January 4
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Issues of Freedom Matters Published In 2002
Federal Control Of Local Land Use? The Bankrupting Of America. May3
​Green Greed, Sound Bites, And Unsound Governance. November 22
​Retrospective: Freedom Matters, 2002. Table of Contents For 2002. November 29
​When Is A Land Use Plan A Local Plan? Not When The Planner Is Hired By The County. November 15
Repealing Mandatory Comprehensive Planning So It Is Voluntary Instead. October 18
​Tree Huggers Beware. Predators Own The Trees And The People. October 25
​Dane County Regional Planning Commission. Everything you suspected is actually worse than you imagined... November 1
​Dane County Regional Planning Commission. Part 2. What can we do when politics invades the judicial process? ... November 8
The ... Politics Of Stopping Prosperity ... : Falk's Veto Of A Redi-Mix Cement Plant.  August 30
A Letter From Ed Thompson, Libertarian Candidate For Governor Of Wisconsin.  September 6
Information From Eco, A Property Rights Group. May 31
"Not Raising Hogs" And Other Interesting E-mail. May 24
How The Sierra Club And Its Ilk Troll For Donations. By Guest Writer Bill Speers. April 26
What Happened To Compromise In Springdale? April 19
Risk Management: The Nationhood Under Fire. February 15
Smart Growth: A $100 Million Mandate. February 22
A Lightning Bolt of Reality: The Forced Relocation Of Rural Populations. March 1
The "Progressive" Income Tax: A One Act Play. May17
A Newspaper In Support Of Freedom
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More Federal Control Of Local Land Use. The Bankrupting Of America. May10